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There are several reasons why it can be challenging to maintain eco-friendly working practices in a laboratory environment. The nature of the work requires energy-intensive equipment which often can’t be turned off; the recycling of single-use plastics is made difficult by the presence of hazardous chemicals; and the power output of lab appliances often can’t be dialled down to save energy, resulting in significant wastage.

That said, there are ways to bolster the eco-friendly credentials of a laboratory, making it a more sustainable and responsible place to work. Such changes are often simple to implement, so it’s well worth doing the legwork if you’re keen to develop an eco-friendly culture in your lab.


We have a sophisticated and ultra modern research laboratory to facilitate us in conducting detailed research in synthetic chemistry. Our research and development experts are engaged in developing unique methodologies that permit us in conducting our procedures in a cost-effective, safe and eco-friendly manner.

Owing to our constant research we have invented numerous pharmaceutical. We also conduct collaborative research for custom synthesis of pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.


Our research efforts in synthetic chemistry are focused on the development of cost-effectiveness. safe, environment-friendly processes for the production of high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. Our core competence in process development skills, applied through synthetic chemistry enables us to manufacture complex molecules.

Given our strength in synthetic chemistry we are open for collaborative research to undertake custom synthesis & manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.